Montagu's Historical Walk

Posted on Thu May 18, 2017.

24 Historical houses that makes Montagu stand out from all other places.

We will be taking you through this beautiful town on a daily walk and showing you all of our Historical Houses that sets this town apart from most of the towns in South Africa.

You will get an inside tour of what to expect when you visit Montagu.

To Start this Historical Walk the first place we will be visiting is our own restaurant Kokkemans Kitchen:

This Green Gabled House used to house Standard Bank in the early years. The original owner of the building, Mr. Danie van der Merwe, was adamant that he would sell his property to the bank only on condition that he be appointed as bank manager, despite a total lack of experience in banking. He was indeed appointed and local residents supported and trusted him completely because he was a wealthy man of high reputation. His nickname became “Danie Bank”.Unfortunately, the venture ended badly and the bank went bankrupt.

(This information can be found on the Local Montagu Tourism Historical Walk Brochure)

We really hope you enjoyed our First walk and stay tuned for our second part of this blog about The Montagu Country Hotel

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